UK Payments Administration

Creating websites to guide the UK’s payment industry


The UK Payments Administration (UKPA) is a central service company that provides personnel, facilities and expertise to the UK payments industry. UKPA have managed the development and launch of major innovations in payments, including chip and PIN and Faster Payments, and their payments specialists are recognised by organisations around the world. Moore-Wilson has been the digital services provider for UKPA for almost 10 years.



Some of the work that we have undertaken for UKPA over the years has involved design and development for a number of the UK Payments Administration’s websites including CHAPs, Faster Payments and the UK Cards Association as well as the main UKPA website and intranet systems.

We have also created special tools and functionality for the UK Payments Administration. The project to update the website for the Payments Council, for example, involved the implementation of their Sort Code Checker and IBAN Checker tools which allow people to verify information for making payments. We also implemented a Payments Counter for the Pay Your Way website that shows how much money is estimated to be moving in the UK this year to date.

Moore-Wilson also provides hosting services for all of the UK Payments Administration websites and we support the sites on an ongoing basis with regular testing and maintenance work. To help UKPA keep their portfolio of websites up to date, we have helped move their websites across to an open source CMS to ensure that they are easy to maintain and simple to update when necessary.

We have also undertaken SEO for Pay Your Way, the informational arm of the UK Payments Administration. At the end of the campaign traffic to the website was 3,008% higher.


Key Features:

  • Website design and development
  • Digital services provided for a variety of websites
  • Intranet systems
  • Advanced functionality, e.g. Sort Code Checker 
  • Highly successful SEO campaign