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CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators)

Brand and marketing support for an emerging and diverse professional body brand.

CIArb is the professional membership association for chartered arbitrators. The organization's office at 12 Bloomsbury Square in London is marketed as an event venue.


The CIArb account benefitted from the joined-up approach of our branding, design and venue marketing specialists.

We were approached by a senior leadership team member for whom we had worked at another membership and venue based organization to support CIArb in 3 ways. To help reposition the brand - starting with facilitating stakeholder workshops including members, staff and trustees. To recruit more members and arbitrators into the profession through advertising and direct E-shots. To promote the venue brand by differentiation and direct email marketing in a competitive events and meeting rooms marketplace.


Looking at the perception and propositions helped us to set out the membership offerings stall, develop targeted campaigns for charter professionals in different sectors and develop a separate identity for the venue aspect of the business.

The advertising included a concept based on the right and left sides of the brain being arbitrated in order to reach a consensus. 'There's really no argument' becoming a chartered arbitrator and a member is totally the right thing to do. Professionals in finance, law and surveying were also targeted as an arbitration qualification would enhance their CPD and career prospects within these sectors.

In creating a point of difference for the headquarters building as meetings venue we tapped into the history of the Bloomsbury area of London and its strong association with the arts and culture of the Bloomsbury Set during the early 20th Century. Writers, artists, economics with a bohemian lifestyle and avant-garde philosophy all gravitated to the area. We set out to suggest that today's freethinkers in the event world should also embrace the offering at 12 Bloomsbury Square.

The membership was targeted for discounted venue hire was a researched prospect database of venue bookers including end-users, event companies and venue finders.

The workshop findings informed the strategic planning around modernising the CIArb brand to better reflect and encourage the increased use of arbitration rather than litigation as a better means of dispute resolution - quicker and more cost-effective. Also to attract the next gen into the sector.


The advertising and venue marketing campaigns created by Design Inc proved highly successful in attracting membership enquiries and we also benefitted from increased venue bookings channelled via our separate dedicated 12 Bloomsbury Square website.

, Communications Manager


Raising awareness, bringing clarity and modernizing the image has enabled CIArb to move forward with the delivery if its development goals.

The new brand informed by the stakeholder workshops was rolled out across the extensive, multi- functional ‘hub style’ web development that provides users and members information, learning tools and a ‘find an arbitrator’ search tool that accesses the directory of members amongst its features. As a result of the new accessible website and advertising member numbers were on the up and profile of the venue hire offering in the central London meeting space market was raised.

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