An organisation's brand identity plays a vital role in distinguishing it from its competitors. Whether you simply require the updating of your existing corporate identity, or a complete rebrand, it is important to carefully consider the image and values that you want to present.

At Moore-Wilson, we seek to understand the qualities that make your organisation unique. We work to ensure that your new branding will reflect your organisation's individuality and strengths, raising its profile to create new opportunities.

Therefore, whether you are considering a complete rebrand or a simple brand refresh, our process incorporates research, discussion and development to ensure a creative and intelligent solution.


Online strategy

Many organisations find that they have a disjointed approach to their online presence. To achieve a coherent online strategy we always advocate clear agreed measures of success, and, before embarking on the creation of a new website or an online marketing campaign, we frequently advise clients to let us consider their wider digital strategy.

For example, we would consider such questions as whether an organisation should focus its efforts on a single website, with an improved user experience, rather than pursue a multi-site strategy. When there is a sensible rationale for separate websites, then the issue of whether they are microsites or stand-alone would subsequently need careful consideration.     

Throughout the consultation process, we can audit existing sites in terms of security, accessibility and usability, providing detailed recommendations to inform our clients digital decisions. We analyse user journeys and wireframe our solutions to effectively demonstrate how we can improve user engagement and conversion. What’s more, we have extensive experience of assisting with the required development work – whether conducted by Moore-Wilson’s own skilled development team or third party agencies of our clients’ choosing - and by doing so, successfully putting in place the correct solutions for online marketing, support and hosting.