At Moore-Wilson we follow the same core development process no matter the size of the project undertaken. Our development process toolbox is substantial meaning we have a few tricks up our sleeves when we need to do new processes for projects that require them.

In-Depth Scoping

At the outset of each project, we work closely with you to ensure that we have a clear grasp of the strategic objectives of your new digital project. The project will be carefully planned to maximise the site’s success, from the architecture and design of your website through to ensuring the place is easy to update.

Wireframing and Usability Testing

All our website development projects include the wireframing of essential pages - this is so you can get a feel for how the website fits together at a very early stage. The wireframes are tested by our usability team to ensure that they are user-friendly, intuitive and straightforward to use. Our websites are tested in a wide variety of browsers to guarantee that they are usable across the broadest range of platforms and devices.


As part of the build process, we build an HTML prototype that brings the design concepts to life. The prototype allows us to experiment with key user experience features and layouts for your project. Creating an HTML prototype will enable us to rapidly make updates and show how this all looks in a web browser or mobile/tablet device.

SEO and Social Media Set Up

SEO (search engine optimisation) is at the centre of our development process. Our development teams work in partnership with our expert SEO team to ensure that all the websites we create are set up to the highest SEO standards so that they can rank highly in the organic search engine results. We also ensure that our websites are set up for social media sharing across all the major social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We can also improve the reach of your digital marketing campaigns by adding feeds from your social media profiles safely into your website.

Dedicated Project Manager

Throughout the development process, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time and within budget. We are an Agile agency, and we use Basecamp software to manage our projects online, so you are always up to date with the progress of your website build.

Project lifecycle

Web design & build projects vary enormously in size and scope, so we have a flexible approach to managing them. Our process often includes many of the following stages:

  • Planning: requirements gathering, user and competitor research, usability testing, project requirements document
  • Specification: confirmation of recommendations, wireframing and testing, specification document formed
  • Design – Final design template chosen from three options, photography, imagery and flash created
  • Build – Template integration with CMS, additional features integration, data integration, online tools and applications build, SEO, measurement and analytics considerations, user testing and quality assurance
  • Testing - The project gets tested against a predefined testing plan that includes user journeys, functionality requirements and visuals outlined in the project. Cross-browser and mobile/tablet testing are also performed as standard.
  • Launch - We take care of all the complicated parts while launching your project.
  • Post Launch – Service Level Agreement, Hosting, Support, SEO

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