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Beginning life as a blogging engine in 2003, WordPress has developed into the most widely-used content management system (CMS) in the world, capable of delivering both effective and user-friendly websites.

WordPress is Open Source

As WordPress is an open source product, it does not incur a licence fee. This means that you are not tied to a single agency or developer. The code that is developed can be understood and amended by anyone with knowledge of the system, including your own staff.

WordPress is Expandable and Adaptable

With a huge resource library that contains thousands of plugins and themes, WordPress can be customised to meet the requirements of a wide range of websites. It's means that your website can grow alongside your business with new functionality added as required post-launch.

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WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress features a wide range of plugins that can enhance the SEO capabilities of your website. Our Search Marketing Team, with a wealth of experience in developing SEO campaigns, can advise on the most powerful SEO plugins configurations to maximise the potential of your WordPress site.

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WordPress is an Extremely User-Friendly CMS

One of the joys of having a website designed and built in WordPress is that the content management system that powers the website is extremely easy to use. Adding and amending content, adding images, videos and documents are all simple tasks.

WordPress has a Strong Development Community

With over 60 million downloads, the WordPress development community is not only passionate and knowledgeable, but willing to share its expertise and its developments. The strength of the community futureproofs WordPress as the CMS advances alongside developments in web technology.

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WordPress is Responsive

The surge in mobile and tablet users has led to an increase in responsive mobile websites. Not only does WordPress facilitate seamless, responsive design, but our skilled Development Team have significant experience in delivering websites optimised for multiple platforms.

WordPress is the Choice of Major Brands

A large number of major international brands and organisations have chosen WordPress as their CMS, so rest assured that your website is in good company. Brands and services as diverse as CNN, eBay, Variety Magazine, The Rolling Stones and Usain Bolt all have sites powered by WordPress.


Why Choose Moore-Wilson?

Moore-Wilson is a London and Salisbury based digital agency, specialising in web design and development. We have extensive experience in a range of content management systems, including WordPress.


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Experienced Development Team

The design and development teams at Moore-Wilson are WordPress experts and have delivered a number of WordPress projects. Whatever you require from your WordPress build, our specialists will be able to provide the website you are after.

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Overseeing projects from Start to Finish

Our web developers will transform your design into a fully-functional website, taking you through the entire process of the design and build, as well as any support you require once the website has been completed.

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Full-Service Digital Agency

In addition to our development team, our London-based designers can supply you with a range of designs to choose from. We can then host your website if required and offer on-going support, as well as SEO and PPC marketing.

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Legacy Development

Whether you require a new build, or support for your current WordPress site, we are able to both manage and support legacy versions of the CMS. What’s more, we actively develop and launch websites using the latest WordPress versions, including WordPress 5.