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An experienced Drupal agency, we've been designing, developing and marketing Drupal builds for over a decade 

At Moore-Wilson, we are a digital agency that understands that functionality and user experience are the two most important factors to consider when building a website, regardless of the size and scope of the project. With this in mind, we offer Drupal as one of our primary development solutions; one of the most popular and flexible open-source content management systems (CMS), which powers over 1 million sites.


Having worked with every incarnation of the CMS since 2008, right through to the latest version, Drupal 8, Moore-Wilson has grown to become one of the most experienced Drupal agencies in London and the South. We are passionate about all aspect of Drupal and members of the Drupal Association. Our diverse portfolio of clients has enabled our team of expert developers to showcase their ability across a wide spectrum of sectors and industries, including IT, Telecoms, Law, Education and Health. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, Royal Colleges, not-for-profit organisations and localised branches of the NHS.


Being open-source, Drupal does not incur a license fee, meaning that it comes at no extra cost to our clients. The core functionality itself is extremely fast, inherently secure and incredibly flexible; the ability to install specialised modules and an emphasis on bespoke customisation mean that the software can be completely customised to suit the individual needs of each client. In addition to this, it is heavily community-driven, meaning that updates and features are continuously being developed and that support is always available. It’s clear to see why it's the CMS of choice for websites such as The City of London, Tesla and Harvard University.


As a full-service digital agency, we are also able to provide a range of additional services, both during and after the development phase. Post-launch, our dedicated Hosting team will ensure that your site remains protected against the latest threats, while clients who sign up to one of our ongoing Support retainers can rest assured knowing that guidance is readily available. Furthermore, our Search Marketing team can continue the growth and success of your site through one of our SEO or PPC packages, in addition to providing Analytical insights and monthly reporting.


Want to know more? Find out about the benefits of Drupal below, or have an in-depth look at our Development Process. You can also view our case studies.


If you’d like to find out more about our development services, or if you’d like to discuss an upcoming Drupal project, please don’t hesitate to contact our development team on 020 7779 3300 or complete our contact form below.


Benefits of Drupal


One of the most popular & flexible open-source content management systems


When considering a new website, choosing a content management system is one of the most important decisions. Moore-Wilson has been building sites in Drupal since 2008, so we understand it’s key benefits.


Open Source
CMS Benefits - Open Source

As an open source product, Drupal does not incur a licence fee. This means that you are not tied to a single agency or developer. The code that is developed can be understood and amended by anyone with knowledge of the system, including your own staff.

CMS Benefits - Flexible

Drupal offers a staggering degree of flexibility with bespoke customisation central to its appeal. Every detail of the user interface and the core functionality of a website can be customised to a client’s needs. There are thousands of free modules that can be downloaded and installed at the click of a button.

CMS Benefits - Speed

The wide range of inbuilt customisation modules makes for quick development and deployment. The stability of the core Drupal installation means that more time can be spent on making your website a unique and effective product.

CMS Benefits - Scalable

All Drupal builds are future-proofed by the ability to add in functionality post-launch. New functionality such as forums, blogs, shopping carts, video players, voting systems or multi-language pages can be installed as your business and website grow. Drupal is capable of handling huge traffic levels whilst still delivering high performance.

Strong Development Community
CMS Benefits - Development Community

Passion and enthusiasm drive the Drupal community. The online community at has over 300,000 active members who strive to improve the product. New ideas, code, testing and advice are always pushing the CMS to new heights.


Drupal has been developed with security as a central concern. The Drupal community has a large number of expert security members and also employs a full-time security team to check, test and improve the security of the core CMS.

The Choice of Major Brands
CMS Benefits - Major Brands

A large number of major international brands and organisations have chosen Drupal as their CMS. These include The United Nations, The US Government, Sony BMG, Nokia and Disney.