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Drupal is one of the most popular & flexible open-source content management systems. Moore-Wilson has experience building sites in Drupal since 2008, so we understand its key strengths and benefits. 

Open Source

As an open source product, Drupal does not incur a licence fee so you are not tied to a single agency or developer. The code that is developed can be understood and amended by anyone with knowledge of the system.


Drupal offers a staggering degree of flexibility with bespoke customisation central to its appeal. Every detail of the user interface and the core functionality of a website can be customised to a client’s needs.


The wide range of inbuilt customisation modules means quick development and deployment. The stability of the core Drupal installation means that more time can be spent on making your website a unique and effective product.


All Drupal builds are future-proofed by the ability to add in new functionality post-launch as your business and website grow. Drupal is capable of handling huge traffic levels whilst still delivering high performance.

Strong Development Community

Passion and enthusiasm drive the Drupal community with over 300,000 active members who strive to improve the product. New ideas, code, testing and advice are always pushing the CMS to new heights.


Drupal has been developed with security as a central concern. The Drupal community has a large number of expert security members with a full-time security team to check, test and improve the security of the core CMS.

Trusted by major brands

A large number of major international brands and organisations have chosen Drupal as their CMS. These include The United Nations, The US Government, Sony BMG, Nokia and Disney.