A fairly recent addition (started 2010) to the open source CMS market is Craft CMS, a light weight and fast CMS with user friendliness at its core. It’s seen a fast uptake in the industry and now has more than 150K+ sites worldwide.

User friendly interface and editing functions

One of the first things you will notice when using Craft CMS is how much thought has gone into the user. It’s organised into different entry types eg events, news staff profiles etc, and you can then create structures (which is basically the navigation of your site). It has a brilliant search function for quickly finding content too.

Once you start creating or editing a page, you can easily build a page using pre-styled (this is bespoke per site) matrix blocks (panels) including images, videos, text, testimonials etc.

There is a live preview function, which means you can see how your page will look whilst editing it. Incredibly useful.

Media management and image editing

Say goodbye to having to edit and crop your images before you upload them to the site. Craft CMS comes with in-built image editing, like cropping, flipping, resizing, focal point etc.

It also organises your media into folders depending on what type they are eg banners, staff photos etc and also has a useful search facility.

Scalability and integrations with CRM and other systems

Craft utilises a growing plugin market. All plugins are acquired through Craft which means they are all standardised and maintained in terms of security (a far cry from the wild west of Wordpress plugins).

It can easily integrate with most well known third party tools such as Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp etc.


Partly due to the fact that it is such a modern CMS and partly due to it being at the core of the very idea, Craft is as secure as they come. It has a lot of security features built in, but it is also kept up to date via the Craft licence, so as long as security updates are applied in a timely fashion this is a very secure CMS.

Open source but with a licence 

Craft deploys a hybrid model when it comes to open source. It has the advantage of being open source (which means that developers can freely customise it and you are not tied to a specific agency) but it has a small licence fee ($299 initially and then $59 annually thereafter) which includes updates. The best of both worlds you could say.

Continued support of your Craft site

We also provide a full range of support, maintenance, and hosting services for new and already-existing Craft websites. We support most of the sites that we build, but we are also always happy to take over sites built by other agencies to both host and/or support. Our dedicated support team ensure that we always have the resource to help our clients with urgent requests and upgrades.

Benefits of Craft CMS

Speed & performance

Craft improves performance significantly with its bare bones approach.


Craft is fully scalable and our Craft builds are future-proofed by the ability to add in new functionality post-launch as your business and website grow.

Version control

The CMS keeps track of which user made changes to a page and allows for easy rollback to a previous version.

Fully customisable

Every detail of the user interface and the core functionality of a website can be customised to a client’s needs.

Analytics and stats

Integrates seamlessly with any major analytics tool eg Google Analytics.


Provides extensive support for the latest accessibility standards. W3C themselves chose Craft for their website.

User friendly interface

Truly with the editors at the forefront, Craft CMS is a dream to manage content in.


Built-in security features as well as regular CMS updates.

Live preview

Allows editors to see exactly how a new page will look: on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Thank you all for doing such a great job. Ours is a big site but you made the move seamless and as pain-free as possible; you’ve been thorough and hard-working throughout.


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