We are experts in providing branding, design and digital solutions for clients in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

We have planned, designed and delivered project scopes ranging from information hub websites, product catalogue or parts inventory databases as well as customer engagement UX features such as project timeline modelling. 

Our clients include consulting and contracting firms, manufacturers and distributors, technical and events media as well as multi- stakeholder government initiatives. For many of these we provide a full joined-up service.

Clients in the sector have benefited from the following:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Experiential
  • Employee engagement
  • Digital

The guys really did us all proud. We’re delighted with the new site. All our visitors are now greeted with a user-friendly portal with much simpler navigation. Our website now acts as a hub for all things subsea-related.

Trish Banks, Company Secretary
Subsea UK
From concept to completion

Our marketing and planning teams have the insight and experience in technology and B2B to be able to quickly take on board and communicate the proposition of engineering and manufacturing clients’ projects, products and services. This ability to understand where they each sit in their food chain enables features to become benefits and benefits become marketing messages suitable for the ecosystem.

We have taken SMEs to flotation, dressed many businesses for sale by giving them a brand that has equity beyond acquisition and repositioned engineering firms as manufacturers. We have recently refreshed a leading steel fabricator's brand to look bigger, more collaborative and more capable. All based on the strategic needs of the client.

The marketing planning and activations underpinning such transformations need to run deep. In many cases, a name change and complete rebrand with little or no 'evolution' providing the best value tool to shift perception. Changing the DNA on the inside as well as the outside appearance and behaviour.

We can take your business on these adventurous journeys, mapping the route, selecting the best vehicle, navigating as we go and measuring, through user groups and research, the reaction to each development. With you each step of the way.

Social engagement

There is both an opportunity and expectation for grown up brands to develop engaging stakeholder narratives on the popular social media platforms. These narratives should be aligned with the short, medium and long term goals of the brand across positioning, sales funnel, CRM, CSR and resourcing. 

Text and image content should be identified through a hierarchy of branded templates for different audiences and messages. These may range from niche audience technical to generic benefits or corporate outlook and insight. Topical and seasonal content should also be identified and on brand.

A consistent look and feel provides brand personality around the content where only 3rd party posts break up the flow. This fusion works well of course as social channels are a shared space for exchanges of ideas, information and dialogue. Social content speaks with a flexible brand tone of voice, from technical to conversational and creative, depending upon the forum. With a framework approach it helps build brand recognition among diverse audiences.

Our design team provides template and post design, whilst our planners and copywriters provide messages and post text. Clients load and schedule broadcast in a platform such as HubSpot. Tailored engagement with individual responses being handled most effectively by the in-house team member best informed and best placed to convert the lead or deal with the enquiry.

Website blueprints

Websites we have developed for clients in these sectors range from best practice brochure sites for consultancy firms, where the focus is on the Chartered Professionals bios and case studies, to e-commerce sites with extensive product profiles and stock inventory databases with search filters, account log ins and ordering.

A number of extensive website projects for manufacturers have included providing strategy for brand, sales funnel UX and content for the corporate citizenship - e.g. timelines, CSR, quality, accreditations and sustainability policy, resources - e.g. recruiting, training and CPD as well as company information sections of the site. Additionally the home page would include an advertising campaign - static or animated video.

A recent project for a leading manufacturer of electric motors required the development of a whole area of the site devoted to engaging users in a preproduction dialogue. We designed interactive features to allow users to model theoretical production schedules and gateways that could be tailored to their requirements for the motor specifications, order quantity, customising etc.

This modelling framed the next step of quoting, providing clarification and filtering out of the most relevant enquiries and RFPs. These features also underpinned the company's commitment to and credentials for sound volume production manufacturing process.

Case studies from the Engineering & Manufacturing sector

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