Brand repositioning for high performance electric motor manufacturer.

Helix provides a range of high power dense electric motors and inverters, designed, engineered and manufactured in-house for single-source expertise and an optimum supply solution, promises world-leading performance with the latest technology at its heart.


Exciting opportunity to reposition and rebrand

Integral Powertrain approached us to reposition and rebrand their high-performance electric motor manufacturing business formerly known as Integral E-drive. A ‘drive’ in this context, of course being a power unit and a gearbox transmitting that power via a ‘drive’ shaft to a wheel, propeller, rotor or screw etc. The work scope included developing the new production focused proposition, positioning, building the brand from top to bottom and laying out of the stall on a completely new website.


Design Inc continues to support Helix across advertising, social media content, video, exhibition and events as well as creating content for, hosting, maintaining and supporting the website.

Director, Helix


In order to affect a shift in perception of the company from project engineers and consultants to volume manufacturers, changing the name to something sounding bigger, more corporate and aspirational was proposed.

Following creative exploration and research, ‘Helix’ led the shortlisted contenders from the start and with due-diligence applied around trademark law was quickly adopted. With such a simple, strong and relevant name, the identity design required only an understated lightness of touch to bring it to life and in keeping with the image of a ‘grown-up’ business. Helix could now instantly ‘do things and go places’ that Integral e-Drive could not.


A complete set of brand guidelines were delivered.

Brand guidelines were drawn up as the design process proceeded through honing of mission, values and purpose statement, selection of new colours, typefaces and imagery styles and their application to the digital, printed, advertising and experiential assets.

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