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Moore-Wilson has considerable experience in providing a range of digital solutions to providers of consumer services. From online retailers and event organisers, to housing associations and photography competitions, you can rest assured knowing that your next marketing or development project is in safe hands.

E-Commerce Ready

We recognise that the primary objective for any provider of consumer services is to showcase their products and ultimately increase their sales. As a result, we provide a range of e-commerce solutions across a variety of CMS platforms, ensuring our solutions are always tailored to your requirements.

Traditional Design Solutions

For clients that require more traditional solutions, Moore-Wilson can create and develop a range of digital and physical marketing materials, including product packaging, brochures, signage and logos, ensuring that these remain consistent with any existing branding or messages that you may have.

Secure Payments and Efficient Fulfilment

All of our e-commerce sites are built with security and efficiency at the forefront, with the latest features and functionality in place to facilitate this. What’s more, we can link your checkout point directly to your fulfilment company, ensuring that each order can be processed within minutes.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

We understand that simply having a good product, service or website is only half the battle when it comes to providing consumer services. As a result, our marketing team can help you to get your products or services seen by the right audience, across both online and more traditional pursuits.

Optimised User Journeys

Every consumer site that we develop is designed with user-journey in mind, so that customers are only ever a click or two away from finding your products or services. What’s more, our advanced search and filter functionalities ensure that these listings always remain highly relevant.