Umbraco has established itself as one of the dominant forces in the world of content management systems. Moore-Wilson has gained extensive experience building sites in Umbraco since 2011.

Open source CMS

As an open source .NET CMS and development framework, Umbraco does not incur a licence fee. This means you are not tied to a single Umbraco agency or Umbraco developer in the future and that the code can be understood and amended by anyone with the relevant knowledge, including internal staff.

Passionate, knowledgeable and friendly, the worldwide Umbraco community can be found at ‘’, where they host tutorials, forums and collaborative projects. This approach ensures that the CMS is constantly improving and always at the forefront of cutting-edge web technologies.

Flexible and scalable

One of the great advantages of Umbraco is its flexibility and its numerous add-on modules allow for great customisation and development to match your website’s requirements. Umbraco is very well suited to large scale websites and offers a scalable, modular platform. 

Fast development

The flexibility of Umbraco means that development is fast and very efficient. The ability to develop quickly and robustly is reflected in the base cost of the development. The stability of the core installation means that more time can be spent on making your website a unique and effective product. However, fresh out of the box, Umbraco makes it evident that it was made for developers first, not your average CMS user, so it is essential to find an Umbraco agency that has proven experience in Umbraco development.

Microsoft Windows Compatible

Umbraco is built in .NET and is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and Microsoft LiveWriter (and other Microsoft products) This allows you to create web content directly in these products and makes updating your website simple and fast.

CRM integration

Umbraco has the ability to integrate with almost any existing system. The CMS has a number of modules and a powerful API that allows for fully customisable integration with a wide variety of CRM's and other third-party systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and to name a few.

Intuitive editing and user experience

Umbraco offers a lovely user experience for its editors, it is flexible and straight forward to use. Pages are laid out in a tree structure making it easy to find the page you want to edit. It comes with image editing facilities and a WYSIWYG editor.


The core CMS is very secure and regular security updates are issued to ensure that your website and data is kept safe.

Trusted by major brands

The Umbraco CMS is the choice of a number of major international brands including Heinz, Wired, SanDisk, Warner Brothers, Peugeot and Tesco.

The latest project went live this morning. We would like to pass on our thanks to your team. The initial scoping and project management was excellent, and the work has been top class. The site is getting some early positive feedback and it certainly gives us continued confidence in working with M-W on future projects.

The Physiological Society

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