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In 2014 Trust Thamesmead and Tilfen Land (previous owners and managers of the land and assets) were taken over by Peabody. This meant that much of the town's housing, community investment activities and over 200 acres of developable land became owned by a single, well-resourced body for the first time in a generation. As Thamesmead's main landowner, Peabody is driving the town’s regeneration in collaboration with the London Borough of Bexley, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Greater London Authority and Transport for London.


Peabody has been a long-standing and valued client of Wilson-Moore for many years and we have successfully worked with the business on several projects including a website redesign for the 50th Anniversary of Thamesmead.

For this particular project we were tasked with updating the look and feel of the Thamesmead website to fall in line with its existing brand. The key parts of the project included:

  • Updating the look and feel of the current digital assets 
  • A redesign of the Thamesmead website to align with the overall branding 
  • Developing and designing an online portal for community activities
  • Digital integration of job listings and booking integration for website
  • Management of ‘Phase two’, an ongoing re-design project​

Thank you all for doing such a great job. Ours is a big site but you made the move seamless and as pain-free as possible; you’ve been thorough and hard-working throughout.



Moore-Wilson created a re-themed design that represented the significance of the redevelopment project.

Working in conjunction with the existing brand guidelines of both Peabody and Thamesmead, Moore-Wilson created a re-themed design that represented the significance of the redevelopment project. A major component of the project was to develop an online portal, aimed at getting residents more involved with the variety of community projects available to them. 

With a particular focus on employment and culture, the portal enables users to list and apply for jobs, book venues and access the wealth of informative content that Thamesmead produces. The vibrant colour scheme from the 50th anniversary was also retained for this particular section, as the client felt that it better reflected the younger age of the target demographic.


Technology logo
Technology logo


The result is a modern, mature website with urban undertones and an intuitive user experience.

Both significant brands and trusted partners to the community felt that the website was hugely successful in interacting with its users while balancing the branding of both organisations. 

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