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The Federation

A new website to support the collaboration for The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK

The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, is a collaboration between the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Royal College of Physicians. Collectively, the colleges represent more than 50,000 physicians worldwide and provide a professional network, opportunities to share best practice and ongoing educational opportunities.


Replacement of three existing sites into one combined and easy to navigate website covering the trainee physician's learning journey

The new website covers the trainee physician's learning journey from Examinations to Training and Continuing Professional Development.

The new website was built in Drupal 10,  the clients preferred CMS following on from their  existing Drupal 7 sites. 

The brief included the following: 

  • New website design based on the organisations new branding 
  • Clear navigation combining 3 sites into one
  • Clear division of content between the 3 topic areas and information relevant to the whole organisation
  • Content moderation system
  • Content review system to remind CMS users to check and review content after a period of time
  • Content migration from 3 current websites including backdated data

The overall aim of the project was to combine all information from the three separate colleges into one reliable source. This involved a careful scoping process and content migration planning.



A carefully planned scoping stage led to a website build informed by users presenting a large amount of content in a user friendly way.

Although there were similarities across the 3 current websites they were all set up differently so combing the content, navigation and functionality to one site was the biggest challenge.

During the scoping phase we ran workshops with stake holders to discover the key personas and user journeys from all colleges to ensure a seamless integration of the 3 websites into one easy to use website.

The design of the website was important to the client so extra attention was given to the design and prototyping stage.

Content migration was a combination of manual and automated migration.

We had weekly meetings with the client to share project progress and run through feedback and to give the client opportunity to talk through any concerns or questions.


A new website for all users to collect information they need from one reliable source.

The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians now have one place where information is easy to keep up to date and refer to for users for all colleges. The website was launched smoothly and now continues to be hosted and supported by the Moore-Wilson team.

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