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A market leading digital and hybrid event solution for RCP Events

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is 500 years old and currently in its fifth home since 1965. This iconic grade 1 listed modern building overlooking Regent’s Park, houses an award-winning conference and events centre. The venue offers highly versatile facilities, including tiered auditoriums, conference, meeting, exhibition and dining spaces. RCP Events hosts over 600 events per year for a wide range of organisations including associations, charities, medical companies and the wider corporate community across several sectors. 


RCP Events approached Moore-Wilson to build a virtual event platform to offer its clients during the COVID-19 lockdown.

For many organisations it was still business critical for their teams to continue communicating during a period of change for the global meetings industry. With face-to-face meetings restricted, RCP Events required a market leading platform that allowed digital and, also hybrid, events to still be able to take place in an engaging and safe environment online.  

The key parts of the brief included: 

  • A simple, uncluttered, easy to use backend system 
  • A platform that allowed RCP Events’ staff to setup a virtual event quickly and without any direct input from Moore-Wilson, a DIY solution for complete client control  
  • A white label solution with the functionality that a client’s brand could be applied to any event, including their logo, colours, fonts etc.  
  • Password protection for events that the client did not want to be freely accessible to all 
  • The ability to have multiple events running at the same time 
  • Empowering users to access not only the main conference, but also virtual break out rooms, online exhibitions, sponsorship branding opportunities etc.  
  • Secure servers to host the events in a safe, digital first enviroNment 



The tool we launched in Autumn 2021 is now significantly more sophisticated and evolved, while remaining true to the original objective of being easy to use and it’s now a market leading platform.



Following an in-depth consultancy period to fully understand the requirements of the platform, the management team at RCP Events partnered with Moore-Wilson to create a virtual event platform.

A minimum viable product (MVP) for launch was agreed with further improvements and added functionality built or developed as we progressed through the phases of the project.  

Most notable out of these upgrades has been the ability to track users’ attendance once logged into the event so that they can earn sought after CPD points. 


RCP Events is a long-term and highly valued client that we’ve worked with for nearly 10 years.

We also recently re-built its website promoting its main London venue in Regents Park which was deemed to be a very successful project and delivered upon all key objectives 

It was imperative that the virtual event platform continued in the same way, ensuring the predetermined objectives were reflected in the finished solution.  

The digital and hybrid event solution has been hugely successful, allowing for a mix of virtual and physical attendance for RCP Event’s clients. The platform gives event organisers flexibility to be able to offer a solution for those that can’t attend events in person. 

As the platform has matured, RCP Events have seen a big increase in uptake and the amount of events the platform has to support. Some of its clients have asked for new or evolved functionality within the tool, so we’ve worked with RCP to identify which of these requests are possible and scheduled the work in as part of its support package.  

The tool we launched in Autumn 2021 is now significantly more sophisticated and evolved, while remaining true to the original objective of being easy to use and it’s now a market leading platform. 


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