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Plantation Shutters

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Plantation Shutters Ltd was established in 1982 and is proud to be the first shutter company in the UK. Robert James took the company over in 1995 and since then the company has grown to be one of the UK’s largest suppliers of traditional interior louvred wooden shutters.


Plantation Shutters wanted to rebuild their existing website in WordPress as this was a familiar CMS to them.

They wanted to keep the design and functionality the same, but change the CMS to make the website easier to manage and add to in the future. 

The brief included the following:

  • Retain the existing design, layout and style of the existing site
  • Use a familiar CMS – WordPress
  • Make the backend of the site simple and easy to use 
  • Connect their indications system to the new website to ensure leads are passed through


We scoped the site build for Plantation Shutters, and as this project was a like-for-like build, the main focus was finding the best way to rebuild the site in a new CMS and linking the indications system to the site. 

Another important element of the site build was the content migration, which was something the client wanted Moore-Wilson to complete. This was a manual process that allowed the client to review a section at a time. 

The website was built in the latest version of WordPress, which allows users to build new pages and amend existing pages with ease. This also allowed us to link up the indications system to the new website. 

Our weekly meetings with the client allowed us to keep the clients up to date, ask any questions and raise any concerns. This also made sure the content migration went smoothly, as we could address issues and questions as they came up, as well as running through any feedback.  

The client tested the website as we went through the different build stages, which allowed us to make any adjustments as we went along. This meant the website was built just as the client wanted it. 


The project went well, and the website launched on time which the client was pleased about.

The client is finding their new website much easier to use and update, using WordPress as the chosen CMS. 

The website continues to be supported and hosted by Moore-Wilson, and the client has a support and SEO retainer.

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