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New website for BMLL Technologies - the leading, independent provider of Level 3 Historical Data and Analytics

BMLL provides banks, brokers, asset managers, hedge funds, global exchange groups and academic institutions with immediate and flexible access to Level 3, harmonised, T+1 order book data and advanced pre and post-trade analytics, in a scalable compute environment.


BMLL Technologies decided on a rebuild of their website, as their old site didn’t allow them access to the CMS. The project was split into two parts: the first was to rebuild in an editable CMS and the second was to do a complete redesign.

They therefore wanted to upgrade and have access to their CMS moving forward, so they had the ability to make amendments to the site internally. 

Something that was really important to the client was ensuring they had an easy to use, customizable CMS platform that would last. They also wanted to be able to continually change and improve the functionality of the site, and later in the new year be able to rebrand the entire website. After demoing a few suitable CMS options, we moved on to the build phase.


BMLL Technologies decided on a rebuild of their website, as their old site didn’t allow them access to the CMS.



The first part of the project was a like-for-like rebuild and once the new website was bedded down, the new design was applied.

The main focus for this site was to build a backend that was user-friendly and intuitive, so the client could easily maintain it. The first part of the project had a hard deadline of mid-December as their previous agency was stopping support of the site early January. 

We reverse engineered the old website into wireframes and then a HTML prototype, and wrote up a functional specification which detailed all the key elements of the site. One important element was the content migration, which was something the client wanted Moore-Wilson to complete.

Once the project was in development, we had weekly meetings to keep the client up to date with the project, and also allow them to have regular input, ask any questions and raise any concerns. This also helped to ensure the content migration went smoothly, as we could address issues as they came up. 

Once the site was launched in December, the new design was created by a different branding agency, and once signed off we applied this to the new site.


The new site launched on time before Christmas and the second design phase was completed in the spring

The new website launched on time in December, and the client is really pleased with their new site and how easy it is to add, change and remove content using the CMS. The second part of the project was to do a complete redesign of the site. This was created by their branding agency and we then worked closely with them to apply the signed off new designs.

Moore-Wilson are continuing to support BMLL Technologies with a support and design retainer. 

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