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Analysis of online channels to increase digital marketing ROI

Why Web Analytics?


Gaining a thorough understanding of your website traffic is central to any successful online marketing plan. Web Analytics reporting highlights how well your website is performing with your audience; its strengths, weaknesses and how improvements can be achieved.


Why Choose Moore-Wilson?


Moore-Wilson has a wealth of experience in the analysis of traffic data and takes a methodical approach to Analytics reporting. At the start of the Analytics setup, we discuss with clients their key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure that services such as Google Analytics are set up to track these in a transparent and clear way.  We also identify the key goal conversion points and make sure that these are configured correctly within your Analytics package.

It is vital that any Search or Display PPC campaigns, banner advertising, email campaigns and social media activity are correctly captured within Analytics and so Moore-Wilson provides full PPC and campaign tracking where required.

Furthermore, we use enhanced Google Tag Manager (GTM) tagging for Google Analytics and other services to ensure that all valuable user activity on your site is captured and labelled in a way that allows you to gain the insight you need. We provide advanced tagging options as standard, but where each site has its own unique tracking requirements, we will work with you to identify these and deploy additional custom tracking, when and where it is needed.

We can create automated, interactive and user-friendly reports that include all of the information that you find most valuable and have these available on demand or emailed directly on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  In addition, our analytics consultancy can provide advice on managing your analytics package or how to draw vital insight on visitor behaviour, visitor paths, funnels and goals, traffic drops, traffic spikes, bounce rates, conversion paths and content engagement.

Using a professional managed Analytics service provides you with the necessary data and information to continually improve your online marketing.

Moore-Wilson’s Analytics services are available as either consultancy projects or via an on-going monthly SEO retainer.


Our Analytics Services:


  • Google Analytics account creation and configuration
  • GTM setup and enhanced tagging
  • Google Analytics and GTM account management
  • Google Analytics and GTM migration
  • Search Console, PPC and Analytics account integrations
  • Campaign and social media tracking
  • Custom user interaction/event tracking using GTM
  • Goal and funnel creation, monitoring and attribution analysis
  • Advanced data filtering and segmenting
  • Traffic, visitor and content analysis
  • Data insight consultancy
  • Managing analytics services consultancy
  • Custom report creation and management
  • Monthly reporting


Contact Us:


If you’d like to discuss a potential Analytics project or would like to find out more about our analytics services, please call us on 01722 439492 or use the form below to get in touch directly with Moore-Wilson's Search Marketing Team. Alternatively, the details for our London and Salisbury branches can be found at the bottom of this page if you’d like to arrange a meeting in person.