Gaining a thorough understanding of your website traffic is central to any successful online marketing plan. Analytics reporting highlights how well your site is performing, its strengths, weaknesses and how improvements can be achieved.

Moore-Wilson has a wealth of experience in the analysis of traffic data and take a methodical approach to Analytics reporting. At the start of the Analytics set up we discuss with clients their key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure that the Google Analytics is set up to track these in a transparent and clear way.  We also identify the key goal conversion points and make sure that these are configured correctly within Google Analytics.

It is vital that any PPC campaigns, display adverts and social media activity is correctly set up within Analytics and in addition Moore-Wilson provides full campaign tracking, event tracking and PPC monitoring where required.

We can create automated reports for clients that include all the key data that they require and have these emailed directly on a daily, weekly or month basis.  Our advanced analytics service can provide advice and consultancy on visitor behaviour, visitor paths, funnels and goals, traffic drops, traffic spikes, bounce rates, conversion paths and content engagement.

Using a professional managed Analytics service provides you with the data and information to continually improve your online marketing.

Moore-Wilson’s professional Analytics services are available as either consultancy projects or via an on-going monthly SEO retainer.

Our analytics service includes:

  • Google Analytic account creation
  • Google Analytics account management
  • Google Analytics account migration
  • PPC and Analytics account integration
  • Display advert tracking
  • Key event tracking
  • Social Media conversion tracking
  • Goals creation and monitoring
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Traffic analysis
  • Visitor analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Dashboard creation
  • Dashboard management
  • Advance report creation
  • Advance report management

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