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Moore-Wilson to Celebrate Drupal 8 Launch


Drupal 8 is being released tomorrow (19th November) on Dries Buytaert’s birthday (founder of Drupal). For those of you who love Drupal like us why not wish him Happy Birthday on his twitter account. As Drupal specialists we are very excited and are having a DRUPAL 8 LAUNCH PARTY – we’re all bringing cakes to work and will be discussing Drupal 8 at length to celebrate!


We have been working with Drupal since 2008 and always look forward to the latest Drupal release. Whilst Drupal 7 has been the best iteration of Drupal yet we think Drupal 8 will keep the Drupal CMS at the forefront of our industry in terms of content management system technology.


Particularly interesting is that developing responsive websites with Drupal should be made easier. Drupal 8 promises a “mobile first” approach and that we will have some good tools to help build all of our responsive themes. This is obviously important is this day and age and good news for us as all of our websites are responsive.


The admin view has been made more user-friendly for non-developers to manage content, which is great news for our customers.


It will be interesting to experiment with “Twig” (Drupal’s new templating engine), which Drupal has promised will simplify designing beautiful and functional websites.


It appears that configuration management will also be simplified, which again should improve the productivity of those of us using Drupal on a daily basis.


So, we’re all looking forward to trying out Drupal 8 and familiarising ourselves with all it can do.


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