How can online video integrations with websites benefit organisations?

More and more, we are getting requests to integrate websites with online video platforms like GoToWebinar and Zoom. This offers seamless access to virtual events, webinars, CPD training and online meetings directly from a website interface. These integrations can streamline the process for both organisers and participants, enhancing user experience and maximising engagement. Often, it is an added service that is offered to members and as such, it can big a big key selling point for paid membership.

Technically they both work by integrating the website via an API. We can implement features such as event listings, registration forms, authentication, and data synchronization to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

This integration then eliminates the need for users to navigate away from the website. 

Furthermore, integrating websites with GoToWebinar and Zoom can enable organisations to track participant engagement and gather valuable insights through analytics tools. By analyzing attendee behavior, such as registration rates, attendance duration, and interaction levels, organizers can refine their webinar strategies and improve future events.



This integration then eliminates the need for users to navigate away from the website, and being able to access webinars and training videos directly from the website. It can provide a compelling key selling point for paid membership.

Real examples of how video streaming integrations can work for organisations and training providers

One example is 2020 Innovation, a forward looking and innovative training company supporting accountants, tax professionals and book keepers. They now support well over 1,000  member firms through an extensive training programme, including technical webinars, practice development guidance and business advice. They also run practice forums, roadshows and conferences, all designed to boost the success of their members. 

We were recently selected to rebuild their website and membership platform, and as they offer a lot of live and on demand webinars, best in class CPD training and other online forums, they wanted a seamless integration with Zoom.  Read more about what they offer and the case study here.

Another example is leading law firm Stone King, particularly strong in offering clients advice and training within the Educational sector. For this site we have built an integration between their website and a leading online course platform, where their members can access free and paid for training courses.

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