UCL Biomedical

Website retheme for a collaboration between the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation and UCL


Having been an existing client of Moore-Wilson’s for several years, UCL Biomedical wanted to freshen up the look and feel of their website - a venture we last oversaw for them in 2016. The overall aim of this project was to make the site feel more modern, with the client looking for something more bold and impactful than their previous theme. Having several defined audiences also meant that the client was looking to improve the navigation to these respective areas of their site. Finally, being quite active on social media, they also wanted to ensure that their latest activity was prominently featured on their site.



For many agencies, abiding by NHS restrictions would have been quite the challenge, but Moore-Wilson rose to the challenge with much aplomb. With no additional functionality required for the site, our team were free to pour all of their resources into the look and feel of the theme – and the results are stunning. Widening the site was key to the modernisation of the project; the brand-new spectacular HD imagery now blends seamlessly into the site, providing the perfect atmosphere for UCL Biomedical’s iconic red branding to really shine.

For UCL Biomedical's audience and navigation requirements, Moore-Wilson cleaned up the site architecture and navigation so that every section is now clearly defined and conspicuous. As part of our ongoing work with this client, we are now looking to design and develop some landing pages for their key Research pages, with the launch for this project scheduled in the upcoming months. With regards to social media, we found that they were most active and engaging on Twitter, so we worked with the client to improve the visibility of the twitter feed on their homepage.


Key Features:

  • Drupal 7 Retheme
  • Responsive Design
  • Improved Navigation
  • NHS Restrictions
  • Full-Width Imagery
  • Multi-Audience Site
  • Improved Social Media Integration