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We pride ourselves on taking a friendly and fair approach to our support clients. Our SLA is written in plain English (no legal jargon) and it clearly states the service you should expect from us. This includes response times, definition of bugs, hourly rate, regularity of review meetings. We also believe that there shouldn't be lengthy tie-ins with an SLA, 1 months’ notice is all we require. Furthermore, we take a flexible approach to carrying over hours into the next month (up to 3 months) as we understand that the work required for our clients will not always come in an even stream, and our SLA allows for that.

Regular review meetings
We believe that a good SLA should have a clear agreement to meet the website agency regularly, at least every 6 months, otherwise the drive behind keeping a site fresh might easily will be lost.

Should clients pay for bugs?
A well drafted SLA should be in plain English and specifically address the issue of bug-fixes and who will pay for these.

What about unused support hours?
Different agencies will have different policies around this. In our case, we report on time used at the end of every month. The deficit or credit is recorded and carried
into the next month. This seems to us to be much fairer than a ‘use it or lose it’ approach taken by many agencies.