Fully managed hosting

We believe you shouldn't need to worry about behind the scenes of keeping a website running. 

You hear all the time about cyber warfare, hacking & other security issues on websites. Web hosting really is a complicated subject, and one even most general IT support people aren't overly familiar with.

Our hosting only comes in 1 style - fully managed. 
That means we look after you from the ground up.

  • Customised configuration to best suit your website - be it shared (also known as multi-tenanted) hosting or a dedicated server with website specific set ups
  • Support of the entire platform where available - operating system, web server, database server, any extra applications required, as well as advising on your site configuration.
  • We'll advise and help with getting the most performance out of your site where possible, utilising advanced caching techniques like varnish and memcached.
  • Systems & performance monitoring - we generally track over 100 different metrics on our servers, measuring such things as free memory, network utilisation, processor load. Additionally we'll monitor the homepage of your site (and can customise extra monitoring) to ensure it's running as intended, with the page load time and the response code giving us insight into site performance and behaviour, and alerting our technicians rapidly to the problem. If you want to be alerted on any real problems, just let us know how and when, and we can set things up.
  • 24x7 support - our technicians are on-call 24x7 to assist in the case of any problems. That puts you a direct phone call away from a real hands on member of staff able to help with your problem, not routed to a call centre or receptionist.
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity - we utilise an Enterprise grade application for system & data backups, enabling fine granularity and control. As default, we'll back up all your production data and databases every night, storing the data encrypted, and off-site, and we'll keep multiple copies of that data going back as far as 6 months.
    We've even got disaster recovery systems for our disaster recovery systems, and we can help with backing up your in-office data using the same systems if needed.
  • Full SLA - we're more than happy to provide a full SLA, detailing exactly what service you're paying for, helping to reassure there's no hidden costs. It'll also line out compensation in the case of any service outage. Many service providers make claims to "guarantee 100% uptime!", which isn't always possible, even the giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook have problems. It's all about how you handle those problems and get things back up and running. We of course absolutely aim for 100% uptime. Why would you ever do otherwise?
  • We're also open to discussions about managing other systems. If you have an unmanaged server somewhere (in-house, or out at other service providers), it's certainly possible we're able to step in on either a consultancy basis, or take over longer term management of those systems.

All you then need to worry about is what your website is actually saying to the world. We'll keep it up and running.