Reputation Management Service

Online reputation management services

Is your brand being damaged by negative results in the search engines? Does a search for your name produce content that you would like demoted in the search engine results? Moore-Wilson’s reputation management service can help you clean up your online reputation.

Bad reviews can have a damaging impact on your brand, business leads and sales. Around 80% of customers will look for online reviews and three quarters of these potential customers will change their mind about a product or service if they read three or more negative reviews.

Moore-Wilson have a wealth of experience in reputation management for both individuals and businesses. We have a proven track record in driving negative results from the first page of Google and replacing them with positive content. 

Our SEO teams, based in London and Salisbury, will work closely with you to ensure that our reputation management service is aligned with your business requirements.

We approach each project differently and create bespoke solutions for our clients. Outlined below is the initial process involved in our five step reputation management service.

Reputation management - Step 1

Audit of current position for branded searches

We will carry out a thorough audit of the search engine results for negative reviews and listings. We will look at the results for variations of your brand name, common misspellings, the website URL and key individuals within the business. We will analyse this data using a number of keyword tools and collate the information into a report highlighting what needs to be done to clean up your online reputation.

Reputation management - Step 2

Audit of your digital assets

Moore-Wilson will examine your current digital assets to see how these can be used to improve your search engine visibility and reach. We will examine your own website for content and also look at positive third party content on industry websites, directories, review websites and supplier sites. We will carry out an SEO audit on these sites and draw up a plan for promoting them in the search engine results.

Reputation management - Step 3

Audit of your social media accounts

Alongside our audit of your digital assets we will also look at your social media footprint to see where it can be used to improve your online reputation and drive down the negative results. We will provide you with tips on how to improve the SEO of your social media profiles so that their organic ranking within the search engine results improves.

Reputation management - Step 4

Creation of positive content

Our audit of digital assets and your social media footprint will allow us to identify any issues with missing content and opportunities for the creation of positive webpages that can be used to drive down the negative results. We will provide you with a list of websites where positive content can be created and we will also create positive reviews and articles using our own network of websites.

Reputation management - Step 5

Promotion of digital assets and social media accounts

Once all your digital assets and social media accounts have been fully optimised and new content has been created we will work on promoting this content via social media and creating inbound links. This process will result in the positive reviews rising up in the rankings driving down the negative reviews and listings.


The positive sites rise in Google pushing negative websites down and improving your online reputation management. With improved first page listings your brand is protected from damaging third party content that can harm sales.

The aim of our reputation management service is to provide a clean front page of results in Google without negative content appearing for key branded searches.

Moore-Wilson will continue to monitor the search engine results and key social media websites for negative content and alert you if the situation changes.

We can help you clean up your online profile and remove negative listings from the front page of Google.

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