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Based in London & Salisbury, Moore-Wilson has a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke web applications to clients that require functionality beyond that of a standard website.

Skilled Development Team

With over a decade of experience in delivering highly-functional, bespoke web applications for exclusive clients across a multitude of industries, our team of dedicated developers are well placed to help bring your project to life.

Experience in Custom Applications

Whether your website build requires a dedicated members’ area, integration with your CRM platform or something else more advanced capabilities, rest assured knowing that our development team is proven across a wealth of different projects.

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Client-Lead Development

When it comes to web application development, most clients come to us with a very particular set of requirements. Our dedicated project managers will ensure that you are involved as much or a little as you’d like, ensuring that every stage of development caters to your exact specifications.

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London Development Agency

With offices in both London & Salisbury, Moore-Wilson is well placed to work closely with clients in around the capital and the South of England. For those further afield, we have a range of digital communication solutions to keep you heavily involved throughout your development project.


Laravel Development

Laravel is not only one of the world’s leading PHP development platforms, but also our MVC framework of choice for bespoke web applications.

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The Software of Choice for Expert Developers

As a fast, secure and high-performance software, Laravel is the framework of choice for the world’s leading developers.

Intelligent Consumer Interactions

Whether you require engaging e-commerce solutions, user-friendly members areas, or intelligent competition and complaint forms, Laravel’s custom workflows allow for the creation of a range of dynamic consumer interactions.

Open Source Solution

As an open source framework, Laravel doesn’t incur a license fee, meaning that it comes at no additional cost to your development project. What’s more, you won't be tied to the development agency once the project is complete, as is often the case with proprietary software.

Fast & Secure Development

With Laravel, development speed and online security come as standard. Rest assured knowing that the time developers save simply by using this framework is more time spent perfecting the functionality of your custom web application.

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Active Development Community

Laravel's mass following of leading, dedicated developers actively contribute to the ongoing improvement of the software. Whether you require a straightforward solution or a fully bespoke application, there’s almost certainly an established starting point to get your project off to a quick start.

Seamless CMS Integration

Laravel integrates seamlessly with a number of leading CMS platforms, including Drupal, Umbraco & WordPress. Whatever your preferred solution, Laravel combines effortlessly to unleash the full potential of your CMS.