Most organisations have an intranet but very few are satisfied with what it delivers. This is largely because intranets are often seen as internal communication and therefore not worthy of spending much time or money on – in effect the poor relation to the website. However, we believe that a successful intranet can often make a larger impact on an organisation’s efficiency than their website.

To aid internal communication and improve efficiency, there are a number of elements that we frequently incorporate into our clients’ intranet solutions:

  • Document resource and sharing
  • Directories, people, phone numbers etc
  • Meeting room booking, calendar and alerts
  • Employee training
  • CRM tools, online tools, quoting and tracking
  • News and events
  • Urgent updates to SMS text alert

A successful intranet takes every bit as much planning as the website, often more so. Ideally we like to get direct input from the business units, departments or stakeholders that will be using the intranet. The closer the intranet is built around their specific needs the more likely it is to be welcomed and successful.