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We have a wealth of experience in designing, developing and delivering cutting edge Drupal solutions for a range of business sizes and market sectors.

Listed below are our core additional Drupal services:


Drupal Support

Moore-Wilson have a dedicated support team that can proactively manage your Drupal support requirements. We are able to perform updates to the core Drupal installation, manage Drupal plugin updates, monitor performance metrics, install key analytics and webmaster codes and carry out other maintenance tasks on an ad hoc basis.


Drupal SEO

The SEO team at Moore-Wilson have been working on Drupal sites for a number of years and have a proven track record in gaining great organic rankings for websites built in the Drupal CMS.  We are fully focused on delivering a final Drupal website that is SEO friendly and set up to perform well within the organic search results.

Our SEO work covers the initial installation of key Drupal SEO plugins, implementing and advising on key information architecture and URL settings and the creation of meta data templates and internal linking. Our SEO team can also provide ongoing SEO and link building campaigns.


Drupal Design

Moore-Wilson’s web design team based in London create stunning cutting edge Drupal designs that will make your website project stand out from the crowd. Each design brief is developed by three different designers with unique styles. By providing three unique designs we can demonstrate how different styles and looks can be applied to a Drupal website.

We are also able to offer basic design refreshes and brand updates to existing Drupal installations.


Drupal Responsive Design and Mobile Templates

As mobile and tablet traffic increases it is vital that your Drupal website displays correctly for your visitors. We provide a bespoke service that can create fully responsive Drupal templates or more simple mobile versions of your website design.

We will examine your analytics data looking at metrics including the overall page views, user journey information by device and engagement metrics so we can offer the best advice on which method of implantation is best for your customer base.

Responsive designs and mobile templates are available for both new website builds and existing websites.


Drupal Content Migration

Are you moving your content from one Drupal installation to a new design or from another CMS into Drupal? Moore-Wilson’s development team can make this process as painless as possible. We are able to export from your old website and manage the import of data into the new website structure. We have developed a bespoke API take will make the process of content migration and matching old content to a new URL structure simple.


Drupal Hosting

Moore-Wilson’s hosting team are able to provide fast, secure and reliable hosting for your Drupal website. We are able to provide a full range of hosting options and have a wealth of experience in hosting Drupal websites.


Drupal Security

Drupal is an extremely secure CMS at core level but Moore-Wilson are able to provide advice and consultation on advanced security issues for Drupal installations. Moore-Wilson can help with penetration testing and advanced security settings for Drupal installations.


Please contact us by calling 020 7779 3300 or fill in the contact form if you wish to discuss your next Drupal website or to get a free quote for your Drupal project.