The Wolfson Foundation is a charitable organisation that awards grants in the fields of education, science and medicine, arts and the humanities and health and disability. The grants they award support and promote excellence in these fields and the Wolfson Foundation has awarded over £750 million since their establishment. Moore-Wilson have a strong understanding of the not-for-profit and charity sector and we were chosen by the Wolfson Foundation to design and build their new website. The Wolfson Foundation wanted their website to have a strong visual look that was still in keeping with the Wolfson brand. It was also a key part of the project to have clear user pathways through the website so that applicants could find information about funding and grants quickly and easily.


The resulting website is clean and modern and makes good use of the Wolfson Foundation’s blue colour scheme. It also utilises banner imagery throughout the website, providing a strong visual look and continuity throughout the site. The homepage puts focus on the different areas in which the Foundation awards grants and has clear calls to action for users wanting to apply for funding. Colour coding is used throughout the website to provide distinction between the different fields that the Foundation works with.

The most important part of the Wolfson Foundation website is the Applicant Log In, this portal allows user to apply for grants online and see how their application is progressing. This is time saving for applicants but also streamlines and simplifies the process for the staff at the Wolfson Foundation. The website is integrated with the existing database and users can update their information when they are logged in. We have recently updated the Wolfson website to Umbraco as we feel this is a better platform for any future website upgrades. We have also made the website fully responsive so that accessibility is improved for users on mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Website design and development
  • Improved navigation
  • Online application portal
  • Integration with existing database
  • Responsive
  • Open source Umbraco CMS

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