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Moore-Wilson provides a range of digital solutions to clients that provide venue and events services. From membership organisations and photography competitions to historic venues and hospitality services, our expertise in working with clients in this field means that we are well placed to help you with your next development or marketing project.

Modern, Responsive Design

For many clients in this sector, their website is the most effective medium for showcasing their products or services. As a result, we design modern, responsive websites that are not only visually pleasing, but also offer great user-experience and advanced functionality.

Advanced Booking Systems

Many of our clients require the ability to take bookings for their hosted events or services. Our expertise in creating advanced booking functionalities means that their customers can create and check their reservations with ease.

Lightning-Quick Search Functionality

Our clients often require a large volume of pages to showcase all of their fantastic services. With our experience in implementing lightning-quick search functionality, finding these has never been quicker.

Strong Web Presence

Due to the particularly competitive nature of this sector, it can be particularly hard for firms to be found online. With our range of SEO solutions, we ensure that your site is designed to bring in as much targeted traffic as possible.

Easily Found

Clients in this sector often benefit from visually representing the locations in which they work or serve. Our interactive maps, featuring bespoke filters and functionality, mean that they can easily showcase these, wherever they are in the world.