A new website and branding for a London doctoral programme


The London Interdisciplinary Biosciences Consortium (LIDo) is the largest BBSRC funded Doctoral Training Partnership in the UK. Representing an exciting collaboration between eight of London's world-class universities and specialist institutions.

LIDo required a new website to replace their old one and they were also keen to completely rethink the user experience and also upgrade their branding at the same time.


We presented our initial ideas for new branding and our recommended approach for scoping the project. We were particularly keen to conduct some workshop sessions with professors and graduates to ensure a clear coherent approach to the site architecture and user experience.

We conducted a series of workshops, taking an iterative approach to developing an agreed set of wireframes.

We recommended creating interesting student story pages and also adding more video to the site, where possible, to bring the impact of the projects to life.

Following a successful launch we now manage the on-going hosting and support. This involves mapping out a path of future upgrades and development. For example, we are currently working to create an advanced online application system.

Key features:

  • New branding
  • Increase flexibility to manage content
  • Advanced online application process
  • Drupal CMS