Platform migration and website build for a leading pharmaceutical research organisation.


Evaluate offer a world-leading information platform, streamlining access to accurate, transparent commercial intelligence in pharma, biotech and medtech.

Evaluate required a rebuild of their current site as their bespoke CMS system was not meeting the requirements of their content and marketing strategies. The underlying objective of the project was to install a platform that would allow them to easily create and publish new content on a regular basis, with a better range of authoring tools at their disposal.



Moore-Wilson’s first objective within the project was to upgrade Evaluate’s CMS to Drupal 8, which enabled us to create a series of flexible modules to help handle the immense amount of content they had planned for the site. As part of the content migration process over 10,000 articles were transferred, along with related content such as video and infographics.

We implemented frequent calls to action and eye-catching news stories throughout the site. The incorporation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), has also enabled Evaluate to create lightning-fast, optimised content for mobile devices and distribution platforms.

Evaluate opted to utilise our fully-managed hosting services and they have a full support agreement with us too. This covers maintaining the site and also managing a process of continuous improvement, including new features and functionality.


Key Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Content Flexibility
  • Marketing Flexibility
  • Subscription Capabilities
  • Drupal 8 CMS