Contraception Choices

Online app for clinical research project seeking to improve sexual health choices


The University College London has a team of doctors, nurses and researchers that wanted to produce a website that would improve the process of helping women make a decision about their choice of contraception.



A great amount of care was taken in the planning of this project to ensure the user experience was as simple as possible. Moore-Wilson worked closely with the sexual health clinicians at UCL to develop an interactive decision aid tool. 

The tool asked the user a small number of questions with each answer affecting the relevance of a method to suit the user’s preferences. This resulted in the top three methods being given as suggested options for the user to discuss with their GP.

We worked closely with UCL and their target audience by running a number of focus groups that helped drive the design and content of the site. As the site was developed it was regularly checked with the target audience to ensure a completely user friendly experience.

We also created marketing collateral to promote the site and were successful in getting the site linked to from NHS Choices, this helped to raise awareness of the site and significantly boosted the traffic to it.


Key features:

  • New website design, branding and build
  • Interactive infographics
  • Responsive
  • Isotope filtered results
  • Contraception decision aid tool
  • Results emailed and sent by text to users
  • Marketing collateral to raise awareness
  • NHS Choices link to the site - boosting traffic