Bond Dickinson

New Insight Hub for dynamic UK law firm


Bond Dickinson is a dynamic law firm that provides comprehensive legal services across seven cities in the UK. The firm is a trusted advisor to clients ranging from FTSE 100 businesses and governmental organisations to wealthy individuals. Moore-Wilson has previously worked with Bond Dickinson on other aspects of their web presence and we were asked to develop a new, more visually exciting, Insight Hub for their website.


The main gateway page for the Insight Hub makes good use of strong imagery and rollover panels to provide extra information. To provide a sense of continuity, the individual Insight Hub pages use a similar style to the gateway page with panels for different aspects of the topic. The Insight Hubs are customisable, allowing Bond Dickinson to choose which panels appear for different topics. For content types, such as Publications, Events and News, different sized panels are used depending on their importance and longevity.

The Insight Hub pages can also include a video introduction panel and a ‘Facts and Figures’ panel with animated key statistics around the topic. Each Insight Hub can also have an interactive timeline panel that shows information about key dates for the topic. In addition, Bond Dickinson can add panels to Insight Hub pages that pull through the latest tweets from connected Twitter accounts and relevant news stories.

Key Features:

  • Strong, visual design
  • Rollover panels
  • Interactive timelines
  • Animated ‘facts & figures’
  • Customisable layout
  • Integrated feeds for latest tweets & news stories