Bain & Gray

SEO strategy propels new business for boutique recruitment agency


Bain & Gray is a boutique recruitment agency based in London that specialises in secretarial and PA recruitment. Bain & Gray have recruited for FTSE 100 companies and build their reputation on long-lasting relationships, trust and consistency. As a fairly small boutique recruitment agency it was important for Bain & Gray to improve brand awareness and rank well against competing agencies for key terms. Bain & Gray chose Moore-Wilson to manage and run their SEO campaign.



In the campaign so far Moore-Wilson has helped to optimise on-page SEO aspects, increase the domain authority and improve the backlink profile of the Bain & Gray website. We have sourced high quality, relevant link opportunities and have helped Bain & Gray to enhance their website content, both of which have helped to boost rankings.

In the first month of the SEO campaign (November 2013) the Bain & Gray website received less than 2,000 visits and was ranked outside the top 100 in Google UK for the vast majority of key terms. At the first year mark, the website was receiving over 6,000 visits a month - an increase of 207% - and has seen the front page and first place rankings in Google UK for primary key phrases. The number of visits to the Bain & Gray website is currently up 90% and page views are up 101% year on year. The improvements in search engine optimisation have helped to improve brand awareness and bring in more business for Bain & Gray through the search engines than ever before.