Allan & Associates

Website build for security risk intelligence firm


Allan & Associates was formed in 2006 to provide security risk management consultancy services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and NGOs operating in volatile environments throughout the world. They specialise in the avoidance and management of risks arising from crime, terrorism, political instability, social upheaval, hostile competitor activity, technological change, and health and safety concerns.

Allan & Associates required a website with subscription features to store its large quantities of ever-changing data. 



Moore-Wilson created a website using Drupal 7 with subscription features, including logins with different payment packages for access to premium content. The site stored high levels of risk intelligence data filtered by country and type of risk, such as political, marine or terrorist. An interactive map was created to aid the user when looking for a particular location and its related risks, as well as a list of specialised insights and reports. The website was built in mind that the content had to be continuously updated, and in doing so we created a simple yet effective site that was efficient for both the user and Allan & Associates. 


Key Features:

  • Drupal CMS
  • Interactive Map
  • High Levels of Data
  • Reporting features