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Top 10 Chrome Extensions for SEO


Our top 10 chrome extensions for SEO, How to use Google Chrome more effectively for SEO: a list by Tony Heywood, Head of Search at Moore-Wilson.


I have been a big fan of Google Chrome since it was launched back in 2008. Now, it is the browser that I use most when carrying out daily SEO tasks. Chrome and SEO extensions go together like peanut butter and jelly in an Elvis style sandwich.


I have a number of chrome SEO extensions or chrome SEO browser plugins that I use on a daily basis when carrying out a variety of SEO tasks.


Listed below are my current top ten followed by the reasons that I find them so useful.


1. Fat Rank


Fat Rank is a really simple ranking extension that checks a website’s ranking position in Google for a given keyword; what’s more, you can set the country so it’s useful no matter where you’re based. I find it great for quickly checking a keyword on the go. The tool shows you the organic ranking for the keyword and the specific URL that is being picked up.


Fat Rank Chrome Extension

Chrome Store Link


2. Mozbar


The Mozbar is the chrome extension for (formally seomoz). Clicking on the icon opens a window with a set of tabs where you can examine a wide range of SEO metrics. There are tabs for:


  • Page elements – URL, Page Title, H1, H2 etc.

  • Page Attributes – Load times, IP address, Robot text file, canonical

  • Link Data – Page Authority, Domain Authority, total links, external links, linking root domains


Other icons in the main window deal with links (you can highlight internal, external, followed and no-followed links), domain metrics and links to third-party tools including WHOIS information and Alexa data.


There is another great element to the Mozbar SEO chrome extension; the search engine results - or SERPS - overlay. This provides MOZ Open Site Explorer data in the SERPs so you can see the basic domain metrics, domain authority, page authority and the link metrics for the page.


I find the extension really useful when doing initial SERPS research, link building, link research and competitor analysis.


Moz Toolbar Chrome SEO extension

Chrome Store Link


3. Page Rank Status


Although we had been lead to believe that Google Page Rank was dead, the update in December showed that Google still uses the metric and are actively updating it. The ‘Page rank status’ extension displays the current Google page rank of the page you have open in your browser.


Clicking on the extension icon opens a tabbed set of windows that contain a wealth of great SEO information. There are tabs for SEO stats, traffic stats, site info, page info, link stats, page speed and tools. The tools tab includes WHOIS data, W3C checker and Geolocation IP information. The site info tab has data on-site security and social media metrics including delicious, Facebook likes, Google+ shares, StumbleUpon data and Twitter tweets.


I find the tool really useful for initial SEO analysis, competitor auditing and examining pages and websites for the placement of links.


Page Rank Status Google Chrome SEO Extension

Chrome Store Link


4. Majestic SEO


The Majestic SEO covers much of the same ground as the Mozbar chrome extension but they use different data sets and therefore it is worth having both to cross-reference your data. The scope of Majestic is limited if you are not a subscriber but if you are (as I am), then it is a very useful tool.

Clicking on the icon opens tabs for the following areas:


  • SEO Summary – link profile, external links, trust flow, citation flow for the page open

  • Backlinks – list of the highest value SEO links

  • Anchor Text – basic analysis of the anchor text of incoming links to the page

  • Tools – links to third party resources on Majestic including neighbourhood checker


The extension is useful for getting a quick overview of the off page SEO metrics of any given page. I use it for initial website audits, competitor analysis and for grading pages when looking to place backlinks.


Majestic SEO chrome browser extension

Chrome Store Link


5. HREF Check My Links


HREF check my links is a brilliant tool for broken link building and general internal link analysis. Load a webpage in chrome, click on the icon and the page is scanned for all links. Once the scan is complete, you then get the details of the total number of links, the percentage of live links and the numbers of live and broken links. The two types of links are highlighted, green for good links and red for broken links. The extension is a dream to use and I use it for broken link building and checking internal resource pages.


HREF Link checker Chrome Browser Extension

Chrome Store Link


6. Ghostery


The Ghostery chrome extension is less of a pure SEO tool and more a tool for looking at the search engine marketing mix of a website. Load the website in the browser and Ghostery examines the cookies. The plugin then produces a list of cookies and you can click on them to discover more about each cookie type. The cookies tracked include analysis, widgets, beacons, privacy setting and advertising.


I find it really useful for competitor analysis and for scoping their SEM footprint. Ghostery allows you to uncover which ad networks and retargeting networks a website is using and give you an insight to their SEM mix.


Ghostery SEO Chrome Extension

Chrome Store Link


7. Link Clump


Another tool that is not a pure SEO tool but really useful for grabbing data from the SERPs for a keyword search. You have to train link clump but once you have it set up, you can grab all the URL and title tags on a page.  Right click the mouse, drag the box around the search results and bingo you have them copied to the clipboard.


I use it to grab complete sets of SERPS results for any given keyword or search term. If you are logged in you can set your search results to 50 or 100 per page and grab them all in a single swoop and dump them into an excel spreadsheet.


Link Clump SEO chrome extension

Chrome Store Link


8. Shareaholic


It allows you to share a webpage across a variety of social networks and bookmarking services without having to leave the page you are on. You can set it up to access multiple sites via the search window and can add services such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, Google+, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks, Pinterest and Reddit.


This SEO extension is great for improving productivity and allows you to share web pages across a wide variety of websites in seconds.


Shareaholic SEO Chrome Extension

Chrome Store Link


9.       Wordtracker Scout


Wordtracker Scout is great for a quick visual snapshot of the language used on a webpage. This is useful from an LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) viewpoint. It can highlight the primary, secondary and tertiary language used on a page; it also contains tabs that show the H1 tags, page title tag, meta description and the word count and relevance of the keywords. They can be copied to the clipboard or directly to Wordtracker.


This is a great tool for both keyword research and competitor on page SEO analysis.


WordTracker Scout Chrome SEO Extension

Chrome Store Link


10.   User-Agent Switcher


Just before Christmas in 2013, Google admitted that sites with a poor mobile/tablet user experience would not rank well in mobile and tablet searches. If Matt Cutts is telling you to get your mobile SEO house in order, then you had better listen.


User-Agent Switcher is a great little extension for viewing a webpage in various browsers, including Internet Explorer (Versions 6 to 19), Firefox (Windows and Mac) and Safari (Windows and Mac). You can also use it to see how a website would appear on various smartphones and mobile operating systems including: iPhone, iPad and Android. You can see if the webpage is mobile friendly and if not, it allows you to go back to clients and explain what the issues are. It’s a neat tool that can save you so much time compared to manually switching between devices.


Switch User Agent SEO Chrome Extension 2014

Link to Chrome Store


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I hope you have found this list to be of some use. If you have any suggestions or comments on other SEO extensions then please let me know. For details of our search marketing services please visit our SEO pages or email me directly. 


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