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Simple SEO Tips for Start-Ups


When you’ve just begun your business, you may not have the time or the resources to implement a strong SEO plan. We’ve compiled the following tips that you should keep in mind when creating not only your SEO strategy, but your overall marketing strategy.


Set Goals


One key step that we always carry out when working with a client for the first time is understanding their wider goals, whether they be in general terms (‘stronger online presence’) or specific (‘increase visitors to site by 30%’). Goals should also include identifying your target demographic also - specifically their location.


Establish Keywords


What are my customers going to be searching for? What are the search terms that I want my page to rank for? What are the phrases that my competitors are going to be ranking for? This might include the name of your product or service, your location and subcategories of your product and service. You need to think about how your customers might ask these questions, will it be a one-word statement or a question?


Analyse Content


Once you have established your keywords, these should reflect the content on your site. Go over your content and look for ways to improve – this could include a stronger message throughout the copy and making sure your answering questions that customers might want to know. Are there any content gaps in your site, or sections that need to be updated? You also might want to brainstorm the different types of content you might include on your site, such as blogs, FAQs or infographics.


Be Mobile Friendly


If you haven’t already, look at our post on the new Google mobile-first index – long story short, Google will be taking into account traffic from mobile over desktop. Therefore, its imperative your site has a responsive design and has good usability when accessed from phones, as without, Google will allow competitors’ websites to rank higher.


Be Social


Social media should be a part of your marketing strategy anyway. These days, social media - whether you’re B2B to B2C – should always be considered when promoting your product. Social media also increases your online presence and can increase footfall to your site, and therefore enquires and sales.


Remember – SEO is a constant process and needs to be continuously nurtured and maintained. Always measure your results and compare month by month and as time goes on, year by year.


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