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Pizza and Prosecco Fridays at Moore Wilson


As well as looking after clients, Moore-Wilson does a great job of looking after its employees. We aim to create an engaged and passionate workforce, and what better way to do this than by supplying food and drink! On the last Friday of each month, we set a different ‘theme’ involving food, drinks and a company get together to discuss important topics and let our creative (alcohol) juices flow!


This month was Pizza and Prosecco Friday. Lunchtime arrived (early, thanks to Papa Johns in Salisbury), and we got together in the Moore-Wilson boardroom, popped open a bottle of prosecco and discussed this month’s agenda - the Moore-Wilson website.


As a digital agency, we are so busy working hard on our client’s websites that we sometimes neglect our own, so on Friday, we used the lunch hour to discuss improvements on our website, as we if we were a client. Even with such a laidback approach of pizza and prosecco, the generation of ideas from employees was strong, and key objectives were noted. We believe that involving all employees, so they can have their say on how they are represented will produce a site that everyone is proud of and a site that individually we can talk about with pride. After a bit of well-deserved downtime and socialising, everyone returned to their desk and began to implement their ideas.


As a company, we agree that it’s great to drink prosecco and eat pizza but it’s also important to get together and chat to members of the team in other departments that you don’t get to speak to very often. And on the other hand, it’s imperative we discuss ideas on a website that represent, not only the company but us as employees and individuals by showcasing our knowledge, experience and passion for our jobs.


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