This month, we’ve been encouraging our apprentices to reflect on their experiences and first impressions of working life at Moore-Wilson. First up, we’ve got Ben Stallwood, who’s been working as part of our development team for a number of months now, as he looks to begin his career as a fully-fledged web developer.

“Being someone with a passion for IT, who also loves being continuously challenged, Moore-Wilson’s apprenticeship scheme has been perfect for me so far."

"Although I started my apprenticeship nearly 5 months ago, I’m still absolutely loving it! I have always been set on a career within the programming industry and now I am finally here. What's more, I've learnt so much over the past few months that didn't seem possible when I began; tasks that I previously found difficult are now so straightforward and self-explanatory, so I've already made a lot of progress."

"With the help from the developers at Moore Wilson and Happy Training Ltd, I have progressed from nothing - to something. Happy Training is our training provider, that helps us during each step of our apprenticeship. They provide us with treehouse courses (online video courses) and also bi-weekly webinars. During these, our distributed group all go on a video call, where our teacher, Crispin, encourages us to discuss our recent work. Happy also provide us with the opportunity to go to places like Drupal camp and various web development expos, which all contributes to the learning experience."

"We are soon to be starting our main project with Happy Training, which will allow us to develop a website from scratch, all the way through to a live, working site. However, being so keen, I have already started this!”

By Ben Stallwood, Apprentice Web Developer


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