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Life as an Apprentice Web Developer: Part 2


This month at Moore-Wilson, we’ve been catching up with our apprentices to find out how their experience is going. This week, we’ve got Tiffany Hobbs, who’s been working with our web development team for a number of months now.


“Starting this apprenticeship has definitely been a big change for me. Having been a photographer for many years, and then moving onto mindless copying and pasting, it is really good to have the challenge, and actually be able to use my brain for a change."


"I chose to move into web development because I have always had an interest in computers. I enjoy the challenge of working through problems and trying to find a solution, technical or not, no matter how frustrating the process can be!"


"I started the process with a course outside of Moore-Wilson and the apprenticeship. A year of reading from a screen and essentially copying the material word-for-word, followed by 3 multiple-choice exams, with not a lot of support throughout. Needless to say, not much information stuck, and the exams were passable using just common sense, and the very basic knowledge I was able to acquire."


"I decided it was time to try and find something else. The apprenticeship provided the perfect opportunity."


"I have been with Moore Wilson for just under a year now, and I feel like I have come a long way. In that time, I have helped out with various work projects, doing things like wireframing, content population, and even building a site. I have also created a personal project from scratch as a part of my portfolio for the apprenticeship. This was definitely a challenge, but I think it has been a really effective way of learning."


"I know I still have a way to go, but know with practice, I will get there soon.”


By Tiffany Hobbs, Apprentice Web Developer


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