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Five Buzzwords our Techies Hate!


We’ve all been there, on the receiving end of a marketing buzzword that just makes us cringe or look at the person thinking “You have no idea what you’re talking about”. Well for your enjoyment, here are some examples of the ones we love to hate…


1. The Cloud


It’s been roughly 10 years since the appearance of this buzzword. It was initially used in the tech industry to describe moving your typical desktop or on-premises services to “The Cloud” aka Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). However, your average consumer doesn’t know what these things are, only “everything is going to the cloud” so they need to also. As a result, we often see this word incorrectly or overused.


2. Next Generation (NextGen) or Ground Breaking


Yes, your product may have some improved features or technology - but unless your product is something which truly sets you apart from your competition, like offering significantly greater capabilities and/or cost reductions, you probably can’t make that claim.


3. Turnkey Solutions


A Turnkey solution is immediately ready to use upon implementation – so your product is ready for immediate use from the moment you buy it… we would hope so if you’re selling a completed product! This smacks of “We’re no longer in beta!”.


4. Hacking


We see this word all the time in the news, someone 'hacking' into a computer network using a password they copied or watched someone type in. Last time I check this was un-authorized access - not hacking. The problem isn't so much with the word but how it's all-encompassing to describe many situations.


5. Bing It


I just love to hate this one. No Microsoft, you are not Google! As much as you try to make your term catch on, I don't see anyone any time soon saying "Hang on, let me just Bing that". Terms like this must catch on naturally, otherwise, people will oppose it.


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