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Project scoping

Careful project scoping is a crucial element of delivering a successful project. We use three key documents to deliver this:

Project plan:

This document aims to govern the project from the top level. It outlines the scope and processes involved in the development along with the people involved in the project, their roles and responsibilities, both Moore-Wilson and the client. It will also outline procedures to deal with risk and change. This document will also detail the breakdown of costs and invoicing schedule.

Project Schedule:

This is a top level planning and scheduling document which enables all parties to clearly see the structure and time phases of the project.

Functional specification:

This clearly details the work needed to deliver the project. Each item is based on a use-case scenario with corresponding acceptance criteria. Completion of the functional specification confirms the technical delivery of the project.
Moore-Wilson’s account management team will conduct a strategic review of the project in close consultation with your team. Our experience of designing successful digital solutions will help to ensure that the right level of information is included and covered in the functional specification.