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Mobile Web

Users are increasingly accessing websites from mobile devices.  Traditionally the trend has been to offer mobile versions of sites but the detection of mobile devices is notoriously unreliable especially with so many devices entering the market these days.  It can also be problematic for users who are sharing content with other users and end up sharing links to mobile versions of content with desktop users.

Fortunately with HTML5 and CSS3 now becoming widely adopted especially on smartphones and tablets we are now able to create one version of the page which will tailor the presentation of your content to the device it is being used on using a technique known as responsive design.  Having the one version of a page means there is less development and maintenance involved and because everything is accessible via the internet and doesn’t have to go through an approval process like some apps changes can be made instantly.

As well as allowing users to access your content on the move mobile apps can be developed which allows users to use some of the functionality of your website on the go.  A good example would be a store finder web app which would automatically detect the user’s location from the phones GPS and direct them to your nearest store.