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  • Getting to the top

    Online marketing strategy delivers results

    Getting to the top
  • Consolidating growth

    New website following merger

    Consolidating growth
  • Setting standards

    Creating sites to guide the UK’s payment industry

    Setting standards
  • Letting the light in

    new website for leading shutter company

    Letting the light in
  • From the ground to the cloud

    Europe’s largest cloud services platform

    From the ground to the cloud
  • Seeing is believing

    New video player to show charitable success stories

    Seeing is believing
  • The sky is the limit

    Mission critical hosting for air traffic services

    The sky is the limit
  • Going global

    World class website for leading international think tank

    Going global


In addition to the services provided by our Search team here at Moore-Wilson, we have our own webtraffic statistical analysis package, WebtraffIQ.

WebtraffIQ is an ABCe accredited solution, meaning the collection technique has been approved as to within 95% accurate, and we can be fully clear and transparent about our processes of the data collection, as opposed to some major competitors. We don't 'sample' data, or build based on trends.

ABCe is a branch of the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the industry body for media measurement. Being ABCe accredited means that if you want to sell advertising on your site, and need to present metrics such as "a visitor count of over 100,000 a month!", we can get your data audited and approved to make such claims.

For more information, please visit us at www.webtraffiq.com