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Virtual & Cloud hosting

"The cloud" is very much a buzz word these days.  Cloud Hosting really is just another name for Virtual Server hosting, along with other phrases such as VPS (virtual private server).

It's a low cost way of getting a dedicated server. The virtual aspect of it is basically the fact that the hardware presented to the operating system is really just software. That we we can put multiple servers onto a high grade piece of hardware, reducing costs all around.

Virtual servers also provide some other great benefits - reduced downtime due to hardware failure / maintenance (can just 'move' your virtual server between hardware devices), easy & cheap upgrade options for processors, RAM and disk capacity, and ease of disaster recovery (can back up a 'snapshot' of an entire virtual server with just a few clicks).

As with all our other hosting options, our virtual & cloud hosting service comes fully managed. You don't need to worry about keeping up to date with security alerts, monitoring disk space, or all the other tasks that come with looking after a server.

We utilise Citrix Xenserver for our own virtualisation platform, which is known as one of the more stable and mature virtualisation products on the market. Citrix has been known for application virtualisation for many years, and is still one of the leading software providers for that technology and therefore well grounded and experienced in virtualisation. 

In addition to our own infrastructure, we are a Rackspace partner, so can rapidly and easily provide and manage services on the UK based Rackspace Cloud and we of course are familiar with and have services out on the Amazon AWS cloud service, which has hosting locations available globally.
So if you're looking for fully managed virtual or cloud hosting, but want to keep the services out at big brands, we're still completely able to help.