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  • Quintessentially English

    An online presence for an exclusive private members club

    Quintessentially English
  • Family Law In Partnership

    Bringing families together in harmony

    Family Law In Partnership
  • Net benefit

    making a positive social impact

    Net benefit
  • World Class Quality

    New website for international award winning venue

    World Class Quality
  • Membership is a science

    New site with extensive member functionality

    Membership is a science
  • Increasing sales

    New website and SEO boosts growth

    Increasing sales
  • Sex sells!

    New NHS ecommerce site increases sales by more than 1,000%

    Sex sells!
  • Priming the pump

    New branding and website for barristers' chambers

    Priming the pump

Linux hosting

We're able to provide hosting on a number of different platforms to meet requirements.

Our shared hosting platforms, and standard Linux virtual servers are built on CentOS, which is an  enterprise grade linux variants, give great stability and performance, without overheads of licensing fees.
We can of course run other operating systems if necessary.

Before putting a server into production use, it's hardened and fully tested for functional usage.

PHP, MySQL and Python are provided as standard, and we're generally able to make available other standard software packages as required.

If you require other platforms, we're more than happy to open discussions around your requirements - let us know what you need, and we'll work to make it available.

As the Moore-Wilson standard - everything comes fully managed. So you don't need to worry about learning Linux in order to maintain your systems!