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  • migrant money

    innovative mobile solution to paying migrant workers

    migrant money

migrant money

firstthere was developed as a solution to paying migrant workers and taking deductions for items like transportation whilst complying with the National Minimum Wage legislation. The product combines two pre-paid MasterCards with a mobile phone app. The original app was a Java app for Nokia devices but a web app has now been developed to support older mobile phones and newer smartphones at the same time.

The workers are paid to their primary MasterCard and their payslips are viewable on the mobile app to save on the expense of producing printed payslips. The worker can then share funds between their two cards which allow them to share funds with their partners. The app allows you to track the full usage history of their cards. The app also features a messaging system so that if the user has free data with their phone they are able to communicate with other users for three, otherwise messaging is much cheaper than texting. The final feature of the app is a jobs board. A lot of the workers are seasonal or are on short term contracts so the jobs board helps them find their next job and helps employers looking for staff find the people they need.

A full administration system has also been developed which allows employers to upload a spread sheet of employees to pay and amounts which the system automatically does and then sends out the payslips. The system also allows employers to view the contact details of employees in case they need to get hold of them although the system does incorporate a messaging system. The employer can send free messages to workers using the free messaging system or if they have an urgent message for an employee they can pay for a text to be sent to the employee which is more likely to be seen.

Full details can be found at http://www.firstthere.org.