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    Going global

Going global

Chatham House is an internationally renowned research institute that we have been working with for more than 10 years. Their initial requirement was to make information easier to find and encourage users to: engage with the site, register for membership online and book and pay for events. Recently we have moved the site onto a major open source CMS platform, this has increased the site’s robustness and provided a great deal of future flexibility.

As the site has grown, offering services such as live video streaming of high profile events, our hosting team have increased the specification and performance of the site’s hosting. This has ensured an uninterrupted experience for Chatham Houses’ rapidly growing global audience.

We continue to work very closely with Chatham House, our dedicated support team looks after the website day-to-day and monitors its performance. We are also constantly working to refine the site and add new features, for example we recently added secure online voting.