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Here at Moore-Wilson we are big fans of Drupal and most of the websites we build use the open-source platform. After a successful visit to DrupalCon in Prague last year, it seemed a logical step to pack two of our web developers off to the Netherlands to visit DrupalCon Amsterdam

The Mercury Music Prize shortlist was announced last Wednesday; the winner will be announced on the 29th October, but who would win if it was purely a popularity contest?

On 24th June 2014 Google released its latest update. It hasn’t been publicly named by Google but has been nicknamed “Pigeon” by Search Engine Land.

The first of two posts outlining techniques to ensure your app is found in both Google Play and Apple’s iOS store. 

SEO is a pivotal part of the digital strategy of many businesses. Regardless of company size an SEO campaign can prove profitable. Improving search engine ranking positions can lead to more visitors to the website, and if the correct keywords are targeted, better conversions.

It happens to all of us from time to time; the struggle to attain that elusive piece of information that you just cannot find – no matter what you search for. As a member of the SEO team at Moore-Wilson I spend more time than most using search engines to find all manner of websites.

When an organisation decides it needs a new website there are many decisions to make, from the branding to the technology used. One of the biggest decisions is which content management system (CMS) to opt for and, crucially, whether to choose an open source CMS or a proprietary solution.

Working in the SEO department of a web design agency like Moore-Wilson can involve getting to grips with a number of terms that, as a newbie to web design and development, you might have never heard before. Here are five terms that particularly stand out.

In honour of March being Women's History Month, we thought we would bring to your attention some of the key women from the history of technology.

Today is Sport Relief. To raise money for this great cause the staff here at Moore-Wilson took the opportunity to don their favourite sportswear or 'couch potato wear'.